Thursday, December 24, 2015

Female dominant gender discrimination in engineering

Female dominance in engineering career - Ever heard of the word gender discrimination? We have grown reading, talking and writing about gender discrimination in support of females all over the world. In my observation, scenario has changed a lot now. Now men need such a voice to cut female dominance in jobs in any corporate sector.

Dimensions of discrimination have now changed so rapidly that when me and a friend of mine went for an interview in a corporate company. He gave very interesting remarks just before we appeared in interview.

“Either you should have a fucking good GPA or you must be a girl to secure a job in a multinational company”. Unfortunately, I had nothing. I still remember the pain in that voice.
Jokes apart, this is a reality. Engineering students are now fed up of this. So I thought to give it a try and I raised my voice for the first time over internet through this article. Men are being discriminated at engineering institutes, at job sectors, just everywhere.

When it comes to admissions in an engineering institute, we are discriminated by low number of female fellows in class. No matter if you are studying mechanical engineering, or civil engineering, or electronics engineering or even software engineering. Surprisingly, ratio of female to male students has remained low in any engineering class compared to other disciplines of arts or sciences at any university. This disturbs straight-forwardness of so many bright scholars at this young age. From straight-forwardness, I am referring to sexual orientation here. Even my engineering class had 1 female in 80 males. As a result that one female also adopted manly habits from so many male fellows.

The discrimination does not end here. It is just a start. After graduation, or even before that during internships, preference is given to females just because they have good CGPA, good communication skills, better knowledge are females.

When applying for jobs, I have not seen any girl in engineering institutes who will not be shortlisted for interview. No matter if the company has a policy to hire females for that job or not. It is just that she is a female. Why this discrimination boss? I could never learn until I was a boss myself.

Similarly, all females appearing in an interview will be hired if enough number of seats are available. Men are given second priority after that. This has to stop. We have to raise our voice before man’s generation is crushed by these holy corporate hiring policies and procedure. Either raise your voice or be a boss to enjoy the same company.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Engineering: The most adventurous career

The most adventurous career

Some people love being adventurous all the time. Engineers are one of them. There are many career paths in life which offer us very daring and challenging environments. For example if we think about some of these adventurous careers, we can mark army, marines, police, hikers, engineers, racers, wildlife explorers, fighter pilots and scientists among some challenging career paths. I prefer life of an engineer among them all. I think they are “most adventurous”. In services like that of army and police, it’s more about duty than fun.

Every day in the life of an engineer is a new day which offers him new challenges. He keeps on discovering new mechanisms to improve life on earth, in the air and even inside water. I don’t think there is any field on earth where engineers or products manufactured by them are not in action. Just think about it. Engineering is everywhere. In the war field, space stations, transportation, and all other technologies.

It’s easy to fill your car tanks with fuel from a fuel station. But who is bringing this fuel to your city near your home? Who is working on these oil exploration and extraction sites? This is all being done with the help of adventurous engineers.

Although there are some engineering fields which require more tough on-site jobs like mechanical engineering, civil engineering and chemical engineering etc. But this does not mean that engineering fields like software engineering and computer engineering are not challenging at all. They have their own type of adventure on work. Making new applications, gadgets, software and user friendly products is as much fun.

An engineering career is not only exciting and offers constantly varying work; it is also an exceptionally rewarding career with countless benefits and opportunities of continues growth and learning. And then most important thing is that after graduating with a degree in engineering, you can join any other field for a professional career. For example you can join army as an engineer. You can join fire fighting companies to help them in making latest products for fire fighting. Who said you cannot join medical field after engineering? If engineers won’t join medical companies then who will be making machines for doctors?

Last but not the least, as it’s shared very commonly on social networks, engineering education itself is very challenging and requires a lot of work, assignments and projects. Not everyone can be an engineer so easily. It requires passing too many technical courses and projects.

I hope I gave you an idea of the most adventurous career in the world. I love to hear your comments on my articles. I’ll try my best to reply on all comments. Kindly share with your friends :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Which is best engineering field?

Which is best engineering field?
There always is a lot of debate on this topic among students. In any engineering university, students from each branch of engineering try to show their faculty or engineering field to be superior on others. This is a hot topic of discussion among many friends during college years. I have no authority to give you a verdict about best engineering field. What I am going to do here is that I’ll try to make things more explainable to you guys. I’ll try my best to tell you how these engineering branches are coupled together.

Let’s start from the term “The Best”. How do you define the best? In my opinion, when students talk about being one discipline best, they do so based on few questions like:
  • What is the scope of this engineering degree?
  • What are job prospects after graduation?
  • What average starting salary is offered?
These three questions are the most common ones.

Scope of an engineering degree: I do agree here with the fact that some engineering fields have broader scope as compared to many other engineering fields. Does it really define the good or bad between the two? For example if we talk about scope of mechanical engineering and scope of architectural engineering. There is a lot of difference between the two. Mechanical engineering has a broader scope and more fields of application while architectural engineering is limited to a few job descriptions. Forget about mechanical engineering, in this age of science and technology, Software engineering has the highest scope. These are the guys which are required in all the industries. We are going towards automation and computer control. This makes software engineers a core element of each team. So based on these facts, can we assume that software engineering is the best branch of engineering? No we can’t! With due respect, all credit goes to architect engineers who design and build comfortable buildings, rooms and apartments for us all to live in and to work in.

Let’s discuss job prospects: If you are good in your field, I have never seen anyone who is capable and is jobless. Even those who are not capable, never remain jobless. Yeah it’s true that some engineers get more job opportunities than others. But in my personal opinion, it makes no difference. For example, if job opportunities are higher for mechanical engineers, students graduating with this degree are also higher in number as compared to other engineering fields. So jobs are highly competitive. You will only get one if you deserve one.

What average starting salary is offered to engineers: It differs from company to company, industry to industry and state to state. Even it depends on quality of your educational degrees and institutes. It also depends on nature of your job. Some management related jobs are high paid as compared to technical jobs. That’s why engineers prefer doing MBA. All engineers are almost paid at the same level in a same company and work environment.

So neither Scope, nor salary nor job prospects define “The best engineering field”. No discipline is good or bad. It’s you and your skills that are going to make real difference in future. So prepare to be the best in your field, in your class and in your batch. Learn all the engineering skills that you can. Get some professional certifications. Learn software that are required for engineers. To be the best, you have to work hard for it! That’s the only definition of being the best.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why MBA after Engineering

Why MBA after Engineering
There are many engineering students and professionals who choose management fields as their professional career line. For many engineers, it’s a matter of luck while for a few others it’s a field of choice. I am also an advocate of doing MBA after engineering and for that purpose I’ll share some thoughts and opinions which will explain you the myth behind this.

Luck brings many Engineers here: This is a fact! When graduating engineers start applying for jobs, many of them will be placed in companies which will require them to work in departments like Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales, Finance and Operations/Project management. These fields have nothing to do with their educational background. They are trained to do all these tasks under one year training program called “Graduate Management Trainees” in most cases. This is the time when they start losing interest in their engineering education and they feel more comfortable in less technical tasks. Besides this luck factor, there are many other reasons why engineers choose to be managers and study MBA after engineering degrees:

  • Higher Salaries: First reason which attracts many engineers towards management fields is that it’s highly paid field in a less technical work environment. In most of the cases, jobs for fresh graduates are highly paid in management field as compared to technical engineering jobs. Engineers working on technical projects will earn less than those who are working on managerial positions. Although work schedule on technical jobs is very tough as compared to managerial jobs.
  • Combined Functional and Technical Perspective: Because engineers who do MBA after engineering, prove to be a better asset for companies. Engineers and MBA both look at things in a different perspective. Engineers will always think in a technical approach and MBA will always think in a functional approach. Both approaches are important for business development. Now if an engineer is capable of thinking in both these approaches in a broader perspective, he can definitely play an important role in growth of an organization. This ability to utilize both technical and business skills to provide solutions is a valuable asset for any company.
  • Better job opportunities: Finding a job after a degree in engineering is very hard in this era of Globalization and Competition. You need to have something more. You need to stand out from the crowd. Now how you do it, it’s all dependent on you. Some graduates chose to get some professional certifications.
  • Interest: Of course this is another factor which drives us to do MBA after BE. As I said earlier, there are a few engineering graduates who do it by choice. Interest is their gravity which pulls them towards MBA.

I hope so far you have known some reasons behind doing MBA after engineering. Now that if you are interested in MBA after BE, there are some more tips for you:

MBA is not always a non Technical job. There are many students who choose fields like Quality Control, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Sales engineering, Auditing, Health and Safety as their major courses in MBA. This opens a complete new door of opportunities for them where they can enjoy working in both technical and managerial environments at the same time.

Looking forward to reading your comments and input about this article. Don’t forget to tell us what you think about studying MBA after Engineering. Your comments are a great source of encouragement for me to write more.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Top 7 Best cars of all time

Top 7 Best cars of all time
Do you want to know about best cars of all time? Car designer Jeff Teague gives us his picks for the top seven best engineered cars in history, factoring in both affordability and a great ride. Jeff Teague is a Automotive Designer and his father was also an expert in the same field. This is how he had the opportunity to design, drive and test several of these cars in his life time.

Among all the machinery made by humans till today, car is one of the greatest things man has ever manufactured. It has altered the way we live and it has given style to our life. Now let’s have a look at Teague’s list of top 7 cars:

1907 Mercedes Touring cars
1907 Mercedes Touring cars
1907 Mercedes Touring cars: America witnessed this elite car and the quality of engineering which was employed in manufacturing this car just surpassed all the standards being introduced till that time. These cars were designed to work at 70 HP. If you ever get a chance to see this car anywhere, you will be astonished after seeing the quality of material used. Aluminum was used along with casting techniques.

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost: Who forgets to mention Rolls Royce when we talk about best cars of all time. There are several opinions by experts that Rolls Phantom was the best car by Rolls-Royce. But Teague suggests Silver Ghost from 1907. “Remarkable, Elegant, Good looking”. It was declared to be the best car on Earth. It gave you the feel of Luxury over other cars introduced till that time. Silver Ghost was incredible with a 134-inch wheelbase and a curb weight just above 3,000 lbs.

1963 Aston Martin DB5
1963 Aston Martin DB5
Any Aston Martin: Then it comes Aston Martin. “We're talking 250 short wheelbase, 3-liter, and an incredibly fast car with 325 horsepower. Classic." The best in their design shape and look. What an elegant look they had. On a side note, Aston Martins had a bad reputation for high maintenance costs.

Ford Model T
Ford Model T
Ford Model T: There is something historical about these cars. Henry Ford did something incredible. He made cars reachable to a common middle class man. It seemed like as if these cars were affordable for anyone. Whenever you talk about top best cars of all time, you cannot forget to mention how cheap and easy to maintain these cars were.

Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius
Today's Toyota Prius: Latest Technology at its best. This is when scientists and engineers started working consciously on environment friendly hybrid cars. Toyota prius is highly esteemed car of these days with best fuel economy and spaciousness ever witnessed in automobile industry.

1950s Mercedes Gull Wing
1950s Mercedes Gull Wing
Late 1950s Mercedes Gull Wing: Just look at the picture of this car. Isn’t she a classical beauty with a touch of modern design and proportions? This was the design which outclassed all other models of car manufacturers and they were all bound to rethink and reconsider their design strategies.

1964 ½ Mustang
1964 ½ Mustang
1964 ½ Mustang: Strong Car with outstanding performance. Teague suggests keeping this car in list of top seven best cars of all time. It was a choice of youth at that time, still is. It emerged in the automobile sector as a favorite car of its time.

This was all about this list of best cars ever. Do you keep a different opinion or wish to give your reviews and comments about any of these cars? Don’t forget to comment on this article then. Share with friends if you are a car enthusiast automotive engineer yourself.

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