Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Importance of communication skills for engineers

Communication skills for engineers
Ever thought what is the importance of communication skills for engineers? In contrast with the technical abilities, Communication skills come as an integral part in an engineers grooming and effectively lead to a prosperous growth in future.

A common misleading statement prevalent in our society continues to be against the learning of communication skills with a thought that it is only meant for those who want to adopt a managerial career in the years ahead. It is a phenomenon which is needed to be practiced at all levels of experience and regardless of the position an individual holds in organization, every one must be proficient in this realm.

Communication skills does not only involve speaking in front of a large crowd, but it also incorporates the sense of managing the resources alongside effective written skills in order to convey the message to rest of public. If you are a computer engineer, one of the prominent part in the software development lifecycle tends to be the role of business analyst. While gathering requirements for the project, an analyst needs to have pure command over the subject as well as be an adequate communicator so that information can be flown to both the concerned parties in a channelized manner. Same goes for electrical or instrumentation engineers who are supervising large scale mechanical equipments, if they are not dealt with properly and their usage is not well known to them, communicating at a low level to their associated might come across as a palling task.

There lies no point in leadership when you cannot get your point across the table, no matter how competent you are, you will not be perceived positively in your profession. Upon a survey conducted, it was brought to knowledge that more than 50% of the engineering projects that fail are purely due to ineffective people’s management and the inability of a manager to convey his message to the team due to various communication barriers. This is the rationality that at all levels, good organizations focus on the soft skills developmental courses to get their associates well versed with the requirement of time.

This is the reason that all big names that we say today especially in the engineering sector, go to hire such candidates who are outstanding in speaking, management and writing, even if the candidates are ranked average in their academics. There needs to be an urge in every engineer to sell his idea to the management and make formal presentations, thus relying on interpersonal skills to get the job done. This urgency has lead to an utter need of communication skills to be held at various levels at the undergraduate level in universities.


  1. When i was in college i always hesitated to participate in any events which required communication skills. There was a fear inside me. But over time when i graduated, i realized that communication skills are very important for engineers and i have to work on it. That's when i started building confidence in me. It takes some time. Maybe a year or two. But you have to overcome your fears.

    1. I do agree with you. There is always a fear inside you about your communication skills. But always remember that only those engineers can improve their communication and presentation skills who practice a lot.

    2. I m in 1st year and i wanted to improve my speaking skills, and to build confidence. ? What should i do???

    3. I m in 1st year and i wanted to improve my speaking skills, and to build confidence. ? What should i do???

  2. Communication skills are very useful and important for us for a better career start.

  3. yec itc gud and very important


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