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What is Engineering?

What is Engineering
What is engineering? Engineering is a field which involves the application of mathematics and Science to build up solutions having practical ends. Engineers design as well as fabricate machines, systems, economical structures and processes.

In other words, engineers may well be dubbed as “inventors”. They envisage ideas and give them the real shapes. By employing science as well as mathematics, they perk up the quality of life for the general public.

Engineering is an exceedingly worthwhile career for imaginative and innovative people all over the globe. There is plenty of standing associated with an engineer. They often create an up-to-the-minute invention or service, their demand in the business world is extremely high and they usually get reasonably high salaries.
Engineering is almost certainly the most easily misinterpreted careers. The first thing which comes to the mind when you come across a thought of an engineer is a person who works on engines, or maybe on machines. Although this is the case in a few circumstances, engineering is much more than fixing a washing machine or using the family car. Several types of engineers exist. The main Engineering Branches comprise of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering.

Mechanical engineering is the engineering version with which the majority of people are familiar with quite well. Mechanical engineers undertake several tasks. They assemble engines as well as mechanical structures; delightful park rides, bascule bridges, and a lot other stuff comprising of tires as well as air condition systems. They ought to have experience in several departments comprising of structural analysis, mathematics, material science as well as electronics.

Electrical engineering and mechanical engineering have a close relation. You would probably desire a capable machine and cheap electricity in order to play any component. Electrical engineering is the study of electronic items and devices, like power sources, as well as electromagnetism. Domestic electrical engineers keep on studying thoroughly, the manner of installing various components as well as a variety of power software in businesses and homes from most important power plants. Computer Engineering which tends to be a relatively new profession under the umbrella of engineer tends to solve issues with the intelligence of computer science.

Chemical engineering is closely associated with electrical as well as mechanical engineering. Chemical engineers do their research on nanotechnology. They fabricate the machines and systems which are employed by the manufacturing of oral drugs and vaccines. In order to become a chemical engineer a very long time period is require.

Civil engineering is regarded as a field that binds the complicated process together. Civil engineers work for military reasons and also for civilian ones. They construct bridges, roads, dams and several kinds of buildings. It is required in almost every walk of life; professions such as municipal engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering and structural engineering.

All engineering fields require a person to be proficiency in mathematics as well as the sciences. Engineers must be exceptional problem solvers and work as a team. With enormous global engineering Job Opportunities, the future of engineers promises to be bright and healthy.

I hope this article gives you a better understanding of what engineering really is. Also it gives you basic understanding of different branches of engineering.


  1. Engineering makes life easy with technology. Engineering helps to think beyond the limits. and to create new idea which helps in to do smoother work.

    1. Hey Juan Li. Thank you for your comment. That's truly impressive definition of engineering :)

  2. Everything is Engineering. You cannot properly define engineering in one way or other. I a typing this comment here, this is engineering. We are communicating, that's because of engineering. Engineering is Life. It's Quality of life. It brings efficiency to life.


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