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Best programming language to learn

Best programming languages to learn
Best programming languages to learn which are necessary for software engineers. Software Engineering is a dreamland for those who love to code and posses an evergreen future for such individuals. Although, it is not a good practice to learn a specific language, however it is a programmer’s logic which matters while you code a program. Once a person knows the logic necessary for building the program, it is all a matter of following syntax to conclude the development process.

Now the question is, what programming languages are important and necessary for software engineers to learn? There exist numerous niches in programming with tends to be solved using few sets of languages.  A good programmer should start learning with a concrete goal in his mind and target specific problems needed to be dealt with. With that being said, there exists specific language for certain program to be developed and effective results.  One of the big languages that are widely used for application development purposes and at times tend to be difficult to work on includes C language; it is a general purpose programming language, develops structural language skills and serves as a basis for many small programming languages. A lot of it is used in desktop application development and scripting with an easy to learn syntax .There are said to be more jobs in C language than any other programming language.

C++ which has its syntax derived from C, is a significant language and available on all platforms for the beginners to learn. It is a generic programming language, based on the Object Oriented paradigm and nourishes and individual especially in the aerospace, security and defense industries. Another common language, which tends to replace Java on the Window Desktop and Windows Server, is C#. It is an essential part of the Windows .Net framework and comes in as a handy tool especially for those who love to work on Windows. C# which appears much similar in syntax to Java has most of the it’s applications in Linux being run on Mono Project.

Java has been a very common programming language over the years and is available on various platforms to be developed. For someone who has command over C#, Java language is not a tough ask to be learn with just the libraries left to be covered and switching of some syntax. The Java Virtual Machine on which it is run, can be made on different platforms hence making it adaptable to run on computers with dissimilar operating system. It has its own Application Programming Interfaces which acts as pre-built set of classes upon which a program may be customized.  Life has been made easy with the use of Garbage Collector in Java which unlike C++ doesn’t causes a memory leak and automatically recovers memory, thus saving your program’s efficiency, developmental and debugging time.

For those software engineers who wish to excel in Computer Systems or Hardware discipline, learning and using of Assembly language is always a plus point. People who have their interests inclined towards scripting or web application development often chose interpretive and cross platform languages such as PHP which has a high speed caching and code plug-ins. Another similar language Perl, which focuses on processing tiles of text is widely used for web server programs on a large basis. Ruby on rails is yet another web application framework following an MVC architecture is skillful tool to learn for someone interested in web development.

I hope this article gives a good idea about best programming language to learn. There is no language good or bad. You just need to know what you want to do with that.


  1. I am in first year of my undergrad degree in Computer Sciences. I have learned C++ so far. Now from next semester i hope i'll be learning OOP, Java etc. Madam can you please tell if there is any use of learning languages like SQL, .NET and other stuff related to databases?

    1. You cannot learn everything but get introduced to them. Be expert in the domain which you find interesting. Being a student of computer science, you must know about all these things.


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