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Types of Engineering

types of engineering fields and branches
What are different types of engineering fields and branches present now a days? Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering are some vital branches of Engineering.

Mechanical engineering is the engineering version with which the majority of people are familiar with quite well. Mechanical engineers undertake several tasks. They assemble engines as well as mechanical structures; delightful park rides, bascule bridges, and a lot other stuff comprising of tires as well as air condition systems. They ought to have experience in several departments comprising of structural analysis, mathematics, material science as well as electronics.

Amongst all the types of engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering have a close relation. You would probably desire a capable machine and cheap electricity in order to play any component. Electrical engineering is the study of electronic items and devices, like power sources, as well as electromagnetism. Domestic electrical engineers keep on studying thoroughly, the manner of installing various components as well as a variety of power software in businesses and homes from most important power plants. Software Engineering as well as Computer System Engineering are both associated with Electrical Engineering.

Chemical engineering is closely associated with electrical as well as mechanical engineering. Chemical engineers do their research on nanotechnology. They fabricate the machines and systems which are employed by the manufacturing of oral drugs and vaccines. In order to become a chemical engineer a very long time period is require.

Civil engineering is regarded as a field of engineering that binds the complicated process together. Civil engineers work for military reasons and also for civilian ones. They construct bridges, roads, dams and several kinds of buildings. Civil engineering is required in almost every walk of life; professions such as municipal engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering and structural engineering.

Aerospace engineers design and come up with few of the most splendid machinery in the world. Commercial aero planes, armed forces fighter aircrafts as well as space telescopes are all made by aerospace engineers. However, aerospace technology consists of many earthbound applications like assisting in the race cars’ design as well as golf balls’ design.

Agricultural engineers devise farm and food processing tools, build crop storage and domestic animals’ buildings, and build up systems for irrigation, drainage and waste dumping. Every now and then agricultural engineers work in EPCOT's Land Pavilion labs where they practice capable indoor farming methods like hydroponics which is the science of plants growth in fluids devoid of dirt.

Metallurgical and materials engineers dig out, process, purify, coalesce, and produce natural substances to form stronger and corrosion-resistant materials. They just work with metal. It was a group of metallurgy and materials engineers that shaped the American Air Force's "stealth" technology, making a fighter aircraft’s surface virtually undetectable on radar.

Project engineering and management deal with the 'engineering' of all kinds of projects, from ideas and viability studies through to assembling and commissioning by employing multidisciplinary teamwork. A project engineer-manager specializes in project processes as well as systems, a noteworthy role in a society getting more and more reliant on the formation and management of projects to resolve its environmental, economic as well as social issues.

Summary: Basically all types of engineers must have a firsthand knowledge of structural analysis, mathematics, material science as well as electronics.  Engineers play the main role in the development of various technologies for a particular nation.


  1. Which type of engineering is the best engineering branch in the world? Can you please tell me about that?

    1. No engineering branch is good or bad. All are inter related to each other in a way or other. So stop worrying about rankings or even job placements. Just go for your interest.


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