Thursday, December 24, 2015

Female dominant gender discrimination in engineering

Female dominance in engineering career - Ever heard of the word gender discrimination? We have grown reading, talking and writing about gender discrimination in support of females all over the world. In my observation, scenario has changed a lot now. Now men need such a voice to cut female dominance in jobs in any corporate sector.

Dimensions of discrimination have now changed so rapidly that when me and a friend of mine went for an interview in a corporate company. He gave very interesting remarks just before we appeared in interview.

“Either you should have a fucking good GPA or you must be a girl to secure a job in a multinational company”. Unfortunately, I had nothing. I still remember the pain in that voice.
Jokes apart, this is a reality. Engineering students are now fed up of this. So I thought to give it a try and I raised my voice for the first time over internet through this article. Men are being discriminated at engineering institutes, at job sectors, just everywhere.

When it comes to admissions in an engineering institute, we are discriminated by low number of female fellows in class. No matter if you are studying mechanical engineering, or civil engineering, or electronics engineering or even software engineering. Surprisingly, ratio of female to male students has remained low in any engineering class compared to other disciplines of arts or sciences at any university. This disturbs straight-forwardness of so many bright scholars at this young age. From straight-forwardness, I am referring to sexual orientation here. Even my engineering class had 1 female in 80 males. As a result that one female also adopted manly habits from so many male fellows.

The discrimination does not end here. It is just a start. After graduation, or even before that during internships, preference is given to females just because they have good CGPA, good communication skills, better knowledge are females.

When applying for jobs, I have not seen any girl in engineering institutes who will not be shortlisted for interview. No matter if the company has a policy to hire females for that job or not. It is just that she is a female. Why this discrimination boss? I could never learn until I was a boss myself.

Similarly, all females appearing in an interview will be hired if enough number of seats are available. Men are given second priority after that. This has to stop. We have to raise our voice before man’s generation is crushed by these holy corporate hiring policies and procedure. Either raise your voice or be a boss to enjoy the same company.

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