Thursday, September 19, 2013

Engineering: The most adventurous career

The most adventurous career

Some people love being adventurous all the time. Engineers are one of them. There are many career paths in life which offer us very daring and challenging environments. For example if we think about some of these adventurous careers, we can mark army, marines, police, hikers, engineers, racers, wildlife explorers, fighter pilots and scientists among some challenging career paths. I prefer life of an engineer among them all. I think they are “most adventurous”. In services like that of army and police, it’s more about duty than fun.

Every day in the life of an engineer is a new day which offers him new challenges. He keeps on discovering new mechanisms to improve life on earth, in the air and even inside water. I don’t think there is any field on earth where engineers or products manufactured by them are not in action. Just think about it. Engineering is everywhere. In the war field, space stations, transportation, and all other technologies.

It’s easy to fill your car tanks with fuel from a fuel station. But who is bringing this fuel to your city near your home? Who is working on these oil exploration and extraction sites? This is all being done with the help of adventurous engineers.

Although there are some engineering fields which require more tough on-site jobs like mechanical engineering, civil engineering and chemical engineering etc. But this does not mean that engineering fields like software engineering and computer engineering are not challenging at all. They have their own type of adventure on work. Making new applications, gadgets, software and user friendly products is as much fun.

An engineering career is not only exciting and offers constantly varying work; it is also an exceptionally rewarding career with countless benefits and opportunities of continues growth and learning. And then most important thing is that after graduating with a degree in engineering, you can join any other field for a professional career. For example you can join army as an engineer. You can join fire fighting companies to help them in making latest products for fire fighting. Who said you cannot join medical field after engineering? If engineers won’t join medical companies then who will be making machines for doctors?

Last but not the least, as it’s shared very commonly on social networks, engineering education itself is very challenging and requires a lot of work, assignments and projects. Not everyone can be an engineer so easily. It requires passing too many technical courses and projects.

I hope I gave you an idea of the most adventurous career in the world. I love to hear your comments on my articles. I’ll try my best to reply on all comments. Kindly share with your friends :)


  1. I really like the way you have defended engineering as being one of the most challenging and adventurous career line in the world. I do agree here with what you say. No doubt many engineers are working on some of the toughest jobs these days. But we cannot ignore the efforts of army men and their hard work. Their job is also very challenging most of the time.

  2. Engineering is not only most challenging career/job but it's also very hard study and educational degree without any doubt. Who on earth reads so many books in short time of a semester.

  3. Nowadays What is the best department of engineering in market

    1. These days Computer software engineering is on the rise all over the world. Rest of the fields like mechanical, electrical and civil engineering are evergreen work. They are still best even today.

  4. at first the people r thinking sooo far....
    but they r not reaching their goals n achievement.....because of their lazyness
    n their irresponsibility.............a'm i correct

  5. I've decided to pursue mechanical engineering as a major, aiming for the auto industry. The way people talk about it make it sound extremely intimidating. What qualities constitute a proficient engineer?


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